Homage to a Classic | 1961 VW Beetle

There might be only a few vehicles as recognizable as the Volkswagen Beetle. From its odd beginnings being born during the NAZI empire and promoted by none other than Adolf Hitler, the brand and this car have been able to free themselves from this legacy and become a name that stands from its own merits.

Originally created as an accessible car for the masses the Beetle (also known as Type 1) was originally conceived in 1925 and started production in 1938, but due to the beginning of WW2 set to rest until the late 1940s it began its production Germany and by the time that it stopped production in 2003 this car completed the production of over 21 million cars.

Even though this car is a much more simplistic design and part of a more humble family, we can clearly tell the connections to its clear relative the Porsche.

With its rear engine that produces a very limited 25 horse power it was capable of reaching 60 mph and over the late 1960’s was able to reach a whooping 40 horse power.

By now the original type one beetle has 2 decades that has stopped production, it’s legacy leaves on with the newer version of the beetle, but, to bring back the story of a Champion, here, I introduce you a gorgeous 1961 VW Beetle in its original color and even after more than 60 years it’s legacy of beauty and style leaves on.

During a time where the largest competition seems to be, who can pull out the highest amount of horsepower out of their vehicle, it’s a refreshing experience to drive a car that has nothing to do with that goal in mind.

Driving a beetle it’s about the experience of the mechanical, non-power steering wheel and clunky sounds of the engine.

A car like this is made to drive and experience the road, take the time to enjoy the view and make a couple of stops in a Sunday drive, for some reason it feels like driving this car should be done on the Miami roads. 

This car that we are reviewing today is mostly stock other than the aftermarket AC unit.

But it feels right, the gear box is only a 4 speed and the seats are square but all put together it’s just right.

There are a few points that I could honestly say might need some overall improvement, but it’s all here, the engine feels perfect and the experience is just right.

This car might not beat any car in a ¼ mile, but it has something that I could say it’s a little lost when you modify a car to be a racing machine, and that is soul.

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